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Hanoi Garden, Nordbrücke, Zurich



Bun Cha

Hanoi Garden opened up near the Bahnhof Wipkingen where the former Liston restaurant used to be. The vietnamese place seems to be a family affair. A swiss guy is running the front of the restaurant and since he’s also taking care of a small boy running around the dining room, this seems a fair assumption. I liked the spring rolls, they’re lighter and better tasting than the chinese restaurant equvivalent. The fresh springrolls were fresh but I would have enjoyed more herbs inside and a different sauce. It was the same vinegar based dipping sauce as with the fried ones, I craved for a peanut based variant. The main course was pretty vietnamese, a soup based dish calle Bun Cha, where you throw in noodles, herbs and vegetables to your liking. It was using proper pork belly (heavy on the fat) and not the lighter bacon, hence it’s not going to be a big hit with women. It had a nice heat (a european hot) and the flavor of the broth was spot on. What I’d also like to call out is that the “Grosses” (pint) is only CHF 5.50, which is a pretty good deal. I’ll be back:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 31 October 2011
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  1. 11/14/2011

    …we couldn’t find it yesterday! neither looking around nordbrücke nor searching online!

    • 11/14/2011

      Stand with your back to the Restaurant Nordbrücke and look across the street, it’s a rather modern building and you need to go up a flight of stairs and you’ll be right there. It used to be called “Liston” – this Google Maps entry points to the location.

  2. 11/16/2011
    Dung Trümpy

    Thank you for your last visiting at our restaurant.
    You would maybe interested in our next event.
    On 21, 22, 23. November from 17.30: Pho and others 9 soup dishes. All you can eat for 19.- p.P!
    For reservation please call: 043 557 6910
    See you there…
    Dung Trümpy

  3. 11/19/2011

    We found it this time and, for a friday evening, it seemed relatively quiet. No matter….. we ordered the 3 starters (between 2 of us since we were quite hungry ;-)) and then the duck and one of the beef mains. The starters were really good especially the spring rolls. The duck was cooked nicely although thinner slices would have been better. Maybe also a tad more sauce to go with it. The beef too was good although slightly burnt garlic let it down….
    this was all finished off with the banana and the weird coconut “cream”….
    Also pleased that the large beer was relatively cheap for ZH standards. Interesting presentation of the bill….. a calculator!!
    For us, 7/10. We will make another trip to one of the PickyG’s recommendations and see if we agree…….
    En Guete Mitenand!

    • 11/19/2011

      So you found it after all 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience.


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