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Restaurant Rias, Gerbegasse, Kloten

Kürbisschaumsuppe mit Kräutersalzpopcorn

wildterrine mit apfelchutney, maracaibofoie gras

seeteufelmedaillon und hummer

geschmortes kalbsbäggli rahmkartoffelstock & brüttener gemüse

Ich weiss nöd was neh

When you think of Kloten the first associations are Limi Wäger’s Snus Bar (not sure if the former player is still affiliated with it) and a tragedy in swiss business history. Not that I ever had the pleasure of visiting the Snus Bar, but quite frankly if you’re not into Hockey, what else is there to do in Kloten ? There’s an interesting restaurant called Rias somewhere in the town center. I got a table for one and plopped into the seat. There’s a half open kitchen where you can see what’s going on. I had too smile at the appetizer a pumpkin soup with salty popcorn dusted with herbs. The soup was great, really airy and light, I would have liked the herbs to stick a bit more to the individual kernels. The foie gras variation was a strong showing with no complaints from yours truly. The fish dish again was a nice execution, to be fair I wasn’t convinced if the lobster was needed. Moving on to mains a strong calf cheek with lovely vegetables (crunchy and a nice touch of butter) as well as a good and very tasty mash. To finish off the meal, I had to smile again since I saw a dish called “I don’t know what to get”, which I ordered. The waitress asked me if there was something on the menu which I liked very much and they included the “Hüppen” on the plate of desserts. I was surprised at the strong showing of this restaurant and if you’re in the area I can recommend dining at the Rias. Prices:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 2 November 2011
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  1. 11/6/2011

    By the way, the Snus bar now belongs to another former ice-hockey star of EHC Kloten (now “Kloten Flyers”): Marcel Wick

    • 11/6/2011

      Thanks! Limi Wäger is still my hero.

  2. 11/7/2011

    Limi was the better player, but Marcel has such a lovely daughter: (Stephanie is on the right. On the left: Wick junior.)

    (sorry for being a bit off-topic here)


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