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Restaurant Bären, Hauptstrasse, Mägenwil

Pouletfilet am Stecken mit vier Saucen

Felchenfilet-Kombination geräucht und als Ceviche

Provenzalischer Eierschwämmlisalat mit Verveine und Zucchiniblüte

Wildschweinrücken mit Miniapfel, Rotkraut und Polenta

Weisser Pfirsich mit seinem Sorbet, Lavendel und Cantucci

The Bären Mägenwil is tricky to reach on a 125cc Scooter, since it involves riding on the Autobahn. The place is packed on a Saturday night. I study the menu and since they pride themselves for chicken, I decide on getting some chicken breast skewers as a pre-appetizer. Not sure that this was a good idea, since it was pretty bland chicken on a stick, the sauces helped a bit. The next dish was a combination of whitefish served on avocado. I wasn’t too fond of the ceviche part since it was cut rather thick. Also ceviche for me is a light dish, which doesn’t pair well with the avocado. I was happier with the next dish, a verveine and chanterelle combo served on a zucchini flower. Interesting how the verveine paired with the chanterelles, this was a new yet fully convincing taste for me. The main dish was a piece of wild board with the usual game season side dishes. I’ve had a lot of game dishes where the sides were prepared with more love. Neither the red cabbage nor the apple were really convincing, the Polenta was good. Points again were scored on the dessert, white peaches, lavender, white peach sorbet and cantucci. This is one of the first times I’ve actually liked the use of lavender on a dish. Is the place worth driving from Zurich to Mägenwil on a 125cc Scooter on the Autobahn at night ? No, but in all fairness it had certain dishes with merits, which I’d order again (Chanterelle & White Peaches). And then again, what was I thinking by riding a not-so-bad-assed, not-a-real motorcycle on the highway. It must have been my strong commitment to you, my trusted, beloved and truly valued reader. I would like to point out that there was a celebrity in the house, Mario Barth had a show in Zurich and was stopping here for dinner. I guess if you’re used to german restaurants, this was a fantastic choice, since prices are rather reasonable:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 15 November 2011

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