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Les Alliés, Rue de la Pontaise, Lausanne

Escalope de foie gras au vinaigre de framboise

Entrecôte de bœuf ,sauce béarnaise

Vacherin Mont-d'or

I’m intentionally staying murky on the details, but proper planning, a high-performing team and a cunning execution strategy led to a project being finished early. This freed us up for dinner in the lovely city of Lausanne. Some quick research led to a restaurant called Les Allies becoming the goal of our gastronomic exploration. Quite frankly the two main factors were a decent rating on Restorang and a picture showing wooden tables. The place has a very unique layout, it’s 3 rooms in different shapes and sizes which make up the restaurant, quirky and intruiging. The menu was small with roughly 10 dishes overall. My appetizer was a pan seared foie gras with salad and raspberry vinegar. I enjoyed how the fleur de sel sprinkled on the perfectly cooked goose liver gave it that extra little kick. This was a fantastic dish. The next course was an entrecote with baked potato, vegetable and Sauce Bearnaise. Nothing to complain, except that I would have enjoyed a bit more of the Sauce Bearnaise. Since we were feeling exceptionally good, we decided to treat ourselves to dessert. I opted for the Vacherin Mont-d’or with a mango chutney. I didn’t care that much for the chutney, but simply since I firmly believe with good cheese one doesn’t need anything else. The Vacherin was excellent, rich and deep in flavor and made a great end of the meal. Overall this was a good choice for getting some real feel of Lausanne, since it’s a few blocks off the beaten pack and also quite simply very good food at reasonable prices:


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Posted by therealpickygourmet on 17 November 2011

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