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Restaurant Schlössli, Kaeferholzstrasse, Zurich

Steinpilze auf Toast

Zürcher Arischtokrategricht

Leberli mit Rösti

Rieschbacher Öpfelchuechli

I almost never write a second article about a restaurant, but the Restaurant Schlössli has earned one. On a cold and stormy night, a lonesome traveller searches refuge from the weather in an Inn close to a cemetery. A massive building a top of a small incline presents itself to the hungry protagonist and offers shelter. When I walked into the dining room I was the only person there. I politely asked if they would still serve me dinner and they were very welcoming and friendly. It was a bit odd having the owner and the waitress fussing over myself, but I felt amply comfortable. Porcini on toast were my first appetizer and I tucked in, everything was fine, except maybe a tad heavy on the sauce, less would have been more. One of my favourite old school dishes (which I discovered right here at the Schlössli) was next, the Old Zurich Aristocrats dish. A piece of sweetbreads on top of a pastry filled with spinach. Special, delicious and pretty one of a kind, this really shows why even “normal” restaurants can excel at what they’re doing if they just care enough! The ease with which the sauteed calf liver with roeschti made its appearance, the liver having the right springiness and the roeschti the right crunchiness was another testament to the strength of the kitchen. But the real killer was dessert. Without even looking at the menu I ordered “Rieschbacher Oepfelchuechli”, something which I knew was one the menu before. After a couple of minutes the waitress reappears and says that they didn’t have the apricot sauce, but would use a plum one instead. The dish was then served by the chef personally and he asked why I knew about it. I found out that it actually wasn’t on the menu currently and he had made it specially for me. How touching! The last time I was feeling this good was when my mother looked at a drawing I had made in Kindergarten and told me that I had immense talent and that she couldn’t have thought of a nicer painting. Quite frankly – I don’t get why this place is half empty. It has great skill in the kitchen, a very attentive service and a menu (which is a bit too large) with traditional dishes you’ll find nowhere else. I think this calls either for Daniel Buhmann or Gordon Ramsay, since I’ll be back anyhow but we need more patrons here. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 19 December 2011

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