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Hummerbar, Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich





Hummerbar is classic powerhouse dining. Without a jacket you’ll still be welcomed, but you might feel a tad out of place in this rather traditional establishment. The atmosphere is formal and most of the staff has probably been working here for years. Looking around the room, it’s a classic business crowd with a couple of local mover & shakers present. I’m the only one wearing Jeans, but I read that handsome men get away with anything and noone complained. This might sound arrogant, but you’ll need a bit of a healthy self-esteem to feel comfortable here. I start out with one of the classic dishes – a lobster bisque. I liked the pieces of meat which were delicately arranged before the soup was poured from a beaker, making this a slightly updated version of a very classic dish. My next course were some homemade Fettucine, which apparently is one of the signature dishes of this establishment. I was underwhelmed, the pasta was too thick for my liking. My main course was pike-perch (Zander), which was a nicely cooked fish on top of some Gnocchi and mediterranean components. If you look at the plate, the colors were very vibrant and I appreciated the artistry of the chef who composed this plate. Dessert were a couple of Tiramisus of different sorts. I’ve forgotten what they were, hence they weren’t that memorable. Place is expensive and I’m willing to bet that most people who dine here do it on their expense acccounts:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 21 December 2011

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