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Restaurant Adelboden, Steinen, Schwyz


Thunfish und Hacktätschli


In Nussbutter gebratene Eglifilet aus dem Zugersee "Fräulein Speck", mit Quinoa, Kapern und Orangensalz

Ochsenschwanzravioli mit Nussbutter und Jahrgangssbrinz

Confierte Muoathaler Kalbsbrust und tranchiertes Rindskotelette mit Bergkäse Tortellini

I’ve told the story before, that I found out the day before it was announced that Franz Wiget of the Wiget Adelboden was named restaurant of the year. I tried to secure a table, so that I’d be able to outdo the press but I was out of luck at such a short notice. Being a fierce scooter driver, a couple of weeks later after waking up (I was on vacation) I decided at roughly 10:30 am, that I’d head over for lunch. My testicles (albeit manly and large to start out with) lost a bit in diameter due to the severe cold in riding over an hour to this godforsaken place in the Kanton of Schwyz. To avoid any concerns with my vast and loyal female readership, they have fully recuperated in the meantime. I get a nice table just next to an old tiled stove in a dining room filled with wooden panels. I forgo the menu and order a mix of a la carte dishes. A flurry of appetizers and dishes make it my way. The chilled oyster was excellent, with a tad of vinaigrette served on top. Second was a lovely meatball paired with a nice piece of tuna. I wasn’t a big fan of the scallop carpaccio, not just because I’m not too big a fan of raw scallops (one has to try every now and then) but also because I found it somewhat weird when I looked at the restaurant. It prides itself on a strong “Schwyzer” heritage, calling out all kind of local producers and then still offers these kind of dishes. For me this felt like a slight disconnect. My favourite dish was the Egli filet (European perch) from the lake of Zug “Fräulein Speck” sauteed in nuss butter, with Quinoa, capers and orange salt. Perfect balance of the individual flavours, a good take on local produce (minus the Quinoa) and strong skill behind the stove. The next dish was one I just couldn’t leave out, since I truly love oxtail raviolis and these one were pitched as having been refined with vintage Sbrinz (swiss hard cheese). Maybe my expectations were too high, but the ones I had at the Taggenberg were better, since I felt they were richer and deeper in flavour. Nothing to complain on my main dish, confied calf breast, beef chop and a tortellini in terms of flavour. It was a rather traditional dish and not as refined as the Egli, but solid. This often makes sense since by now you’re already a bit tired from all the earlier dishes. I won’t comment on the desserts, since my blogging buddy from the Dessertblog does so with much more skill than I do. Overall I was slightly disappointed, since my out-of-proportion expectations were not met in every course. One of the things which I didn’t quite get was the 72 CHF price tag on the meat course, I thought that was over the top. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 2 January 2012

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