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Restaurant Kornplatz, Kornplatz, Chur



Rindsfilet auf Ochsenschwanzragout mit Schnittauchpizzokel und Gemüse

On my way back from a small mountain village I passed by a town known as Chur. We stopped at Restaurant Kornplatz for dinner. The place is run by an austrian and sports a mix of swiss and austrian dishes. I quite liked the red cabbage soup mixed with a bit of cream, it reminded me somewhat of a light polish borscht and was unique, intriguing and simple. The first big disappointment were the Capuns, the absolute staple dish of the cuisine of Grisons. Not only was the dough to dry and reminded of Knoedel, the sauce was a very thick cheese / cream concoction, instead of a milk / broth mix, also the bacon strips didn’t add much too the dish (at least it was priced very fairly at 13 CHF). My main dish was also somewhat disappoining, the oxtail was nicely shredded and cooked, but on the salty side and the filet was overcooked. I did like the swiss chard wrapped in bacon which was served as one of the vegetables. The best overall component of the whole meal, was the smoked trout tartare served with red beet on top. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 29 January 2012

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