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Sawasdee, Waldshut, Germany


I have sinned. Like every stout catholic, the mind is willing but the flesh is weak. After taking a trip to Bad Zurzach (swimming for the elderly), we decided to go rogue. Intrigued by the buying power, we headed deep into foreign territory and drove to Waldshut. First I thought I was in Waldshut but it turned out that it was actually Tiengen. After some bickering – after all I am the world’s best front-seat passenger and renowned navigator – we got back into the car and drove to Waldshut. Getting hungry (and desperate) we stop at a place called China Restaurant Mandarin. If you’ve ever wondered where German restaurants get their bad reputation this is a prime example. It’s a buffet affair, the dining room’s appearance reminds of a Columbo episode from the seventies and the food was simply revolting just judging by the looks. Sushi next to dessert on a Chinese all you can eat buffet ? It just fullfills every cliche of germans embracing price over any other quality attribute. We drove on to Waldshut and most of the places seemed shut, so we head into a place called Sawasdee. The place is cold and half full on a Sunday night. I order a half-moon, a kind of flat bread topped with cucumber salad and a bit of stuffing, a dish I’ve never had before. It was clearly made fresh, it was interesting and had a decent taste, the fresh cucumbers balancing the salty- and crunchyness. I also ordered a Pad Thai Gai (chicken), it was slightly different than from other nice Thai restaurants, but expertly balanced in taste. It wasn’t as strong flavourwise, but I can’t stress the fact enough how every component went beautifully along with each other. Honestly, I was very surprised to find such a decent Thai place in Waldshut. It wasn’t expensive at all (approx 70 CHF), the interior could do with a remodel, but for a unpretentious meal you’ll do pretty good here:

Poulet Pad Gai


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 14 February 2012
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  1. 02/14/2012

    Coincidentally I visited the place last week for lunch the first time too. The daily menu was a carrot-papaya salad + a red curry w/ chicken for the bargain price of 6.90 €. Actually I was quite pleased with the taste (salad was served with a spoon of slightly sweet coconut rice). On the contrary the dish sizes were too small ‘imo’ so that I didn’t get full (though I am not a big quantity eater).
    the Halbmond I don’t know too, do you know the Thai spelling?
    regards, alex

    • 02/14/2012

      No – it was actually called Halbmond on the menu.


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