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Restaurant Emilio, Zweierstrasse, Zurich

Gin Tonic

Salade maison

Poulet mit Pommes Frites

Günther Netzer calls this place the “Hühnchenspanier” which literally means the chicken spaniard. Next to the Eschenmoser you’ll find Emilio.I arrive at the restaurant early and ask for a Gin Tonic. Not quite sure if this is the sign of true old-fashioned but I get a huge glass with my brisk pre-dinner drink. Looking around the interior, there’s a fumoir and a regular non-smoking place to dine, the walls are draped with red wood giving it a comfy feeling. We both go down the classic menu and start with a salad. The salad was rather on the dull side, but at least a piece of pepper gave it a tad of color which matched the walls. But at Emilios (and at any spanish place) – who cares for salad ? The chicken is why we we’re here. Served in four (!!) servings, on four separate places with french fries, the bird is just pure bliss. Apparently it’s a secret recipe, but I’m convinced it starts with “for every chicken take a good pound of butter”. Crunchy skin, real buttery taste – I like it! French fries depend on the batch you get. Prices are on the upper end, but if you consider the hassle of serving one dish on four plates, acceptable. Great place for old-school dining and german celebrity watching (Boris Becker apparently frequents the place as well):


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 4 March 2012

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