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Silberkugel, Franklinstrasse, Oerlikon, Zurich


Silberbeefy mit Chäääs

There’s no real reason to revisit the Silberkugel, since nothing has changed. But there is a real fear which is gnawing away my nerves. There could be a day, where Silberkugel ceases to exist. The staple of Swiss fast food, the pioneer of giving lonesome smokers a social network at the Raucherbar, the only place I know which was successful selling cold ham & cheese sandwiches. Walking in here I wish I had a fancy camera with me. The red tiles, the Rivella sign and the menu written by hand gives it a great feeling, which could be part of an exhibition at the Landesmuseum. It really seems that I’ve grown, I’ve moved from the Original to the Silberbeefy with Chääs and it’s a pretty decent burger. The meat won’t win any prices, but the combination with the orange mystery sauce and the cabbage works for me. And still, when leaving the source of so many countless hours of good memories, I still can’t shake the dash of sadness, that it might have been the last time. Who knows ?

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 6 March 2012
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  1. 03/6/2012

    That is a fine piece of writing. You made me feel the nostalgia about the silberkugel though I haven’t been there once. Certainly I want now since reading your review.

    • 03/6/2012


  2. 03/6/2012

    I admire your courage… 😉
    Try the bison burger the next time you’re in Pfäffikon at the Seedamm Plaza’s PUR restaurant, I’m sure you’ll love it.

    • 03/6/2012

      Does Seedamm Plaza manage to capture the same magic as a Raucherbar ? 😉

  3. 03/6/2012


    Cindy’s ist auch lecker und nostalgisch…

    • 03/6/2012


  4. 03/9/2012

    where whee where should i eat in zurich – i am going there tomorrow.
    i love markets
    i love food
    i love good decent food! breakfast, lunch and snacks needed!
    Michelle 1!!!

    please email me:
    trust you!


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