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Dragon Inn, Wollishofen, Zurich

Elaborate, crispy duck skin display

Peking duck pancackes

Duck soup

Duck two ways and fried rice


I really like Peking Duck, so I was doing some research where in Zurich the best one is. Of course you can run off to Ly’s Asia and pay a whopping 225 CHF (for 2), but since my last visit showed a lack of substance and an overinflated pricelevel I decided to look elsewhere. My research led to the Dragon Inn in Wollishofen ending up on top of my list, simply for the fact that I’ve never been there. I call ahead to make reservations two days in advance to ensure that they’d have a duck ready once we got there. It was a Thursday night and we were the only ones at approximately 19:00 in the restaurant. The interior is a bit dated (not sure it’s adaquate to call it patina yet) but aligned with most somewhat older chinese places in Switzerland. We ordered some beers to go with the duck and shortly after we settle in the chef appears smiling and slices the skind off the duck tableside. The individual pieces are then draped on a plate with an elaborate ice swan sculpture. While this might not add to the taste it does look fancy. The duck was impeccable, but not outstanding, all the components from the pancakes to the cucumber slivers were there and gave no reason to bicker. Next up was a rather average duck soup, I could have done without. You get to order the meat in two ways and it comes with your choice of white or fried rice. I like that the wings and drumsticks were also served together with each of the preparations, which – shame on me – I’ve forgotten what they were. But that does testament one thing that they were neither horrible nor memorable. A sorbet closed out the dinner. Overall money for value is okay, the duck is good but it’s nothing which is going to rock your boat, hence my quest for the best Peking duck in Zurich will continue. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 22 March 2012

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