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Cinema Abaton, Heinrichstrasse, Zurich

Popcorn, large

Never ever did I think I’d be writing about Cinema popcorn, but the Abaton gave me reason to rant. Popcorn isn’t that difficult to make, even I was able to master the skill at about 8 years of age. The fun part was peeking below the lid to see if you could actually watch a corn pop. The dismay was with my mother which would find popped corn in half the kitchen days later… Anyway I watched a move at the Abaton (Hugo). I mainly went there because it was directed by Scorsese and was disappointed by the film. To make matters worse the popcorn was disgusting, not only was it cold and already a tad soggy, it was lacking salt and there was no butter on it. I mean really, you’ve got a machine which makes popcorn and even you can’t get that right ? While I’m at it, another thing which is starting to irritate the heck out of me is that the fact, after importing horrible german supermarket chains (Aldi, Lidl), more and more Cinemas in Zurich are starting to show their movies in a dubbed over version instead of the original language with subtitles. To image the weirdness think of Bruce Willis saying loud and clear “Yippee-ky-yay, Schweinebacke” (pig cheek) with a voice which isn’t his. But I guess this solves the mistery, the KITAG must be getting their popcorn from a hard discout supermarket chain, thus raising their profit margin at the expense of my cinematic viewing experience.

Categories: Snack
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 9 April 2012

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