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Restaurant Ziegelhuette, Schwamendingen, Zurich

Schwartenmagen mit Estragonsauce

Kutteln mit Gemüse und Morcheln

Cipollata und Kotelett vom Wollschwein mit Röschti

The Ziegelhütte in Schwamendingen has been relaunched by a well established restaurant entrepeneur. I was looking forward to seeing what they had to offer. The menu was pretty enticing with a local Zurich touch and someone who cares about ensuring a strong swiss influence. I start with a Schwartenmagen (headcheese) paired with a tarragon sauce. Nice balance between meat and pickles, the tarragon sauce added a good touch of acid, maybe there was too much gelatin in the headcheese and I would have enjoyed more of the tasty bits. Staying with the stomach topic, tripe with morels and vegetable was next. Interesting how the texture and appearance of the morels and the tripe paired, the taste was good, the vegetables cooked nicely, the sauce was a touch too thick but again a surprising and tasty dish. My main course was a cipollata sausage paired with a pork chop from a swiss wool swine. I opted for Roeschti instead of the beans. I was disappointed slightly about the roeschti. It had a good taste of potatoes and butter, but it wasn’t crunchy enough. Nothing to complain on the meat, someone knows how to select his butcher. I liked the gentle renovation of the Ziegelhuette and if you’re looking for a tasty, honest and down to earth dinner – this is the place. Prices:


Posted by therealpickygourmet on 12 April 2012

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