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Facefood Cafe, Hohlstrasse, Zurich


Seelachs mit Spinat und Kartoffeln

It seems that Social Media restaurants are becoming the next new thing in Zurich. After Wurst und Moritz a place called Facefood Cafeopened next to the Gueterbahnhof. I wasn’t expecting much, since it took me three attempts to eat here. On the first one they were closed (opening times weren’t updated) and apparently they don’t serve food in the evening (chef was already home) so I tried it for lunch. I was planning on going for the gourmet hot dog, but at 9 CHF with fries it didn’t think that was going to be a full meal. The menu salad was served with sauce on the side, which had too much garlic and was too thick. The main dish was a pleasant surprise. The fish was still moist, the potatoes nicely cooked and the spinach was seasoned expertly. There might not be a salad sauce expert in the kitchen but for a quick lunch this was certainly a good attempt. The only question raised was if the Corporate Identity of the Cafe is acceptable to a certain social network ? Anyway you can use their page to submit suggestions and other input, interesting too see how this develops as a next level of client interaction in the swiss gastronomy scene. Prices:


Categories: Lunch
Posted by therealpickygourmet on 16 April 2012

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