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Fork and Bottle, Allmendstrasse, Zurich

Eggs Benedict with Crab cakes and Hashbrown

Oat Soda

One of my beloved readers wanted to choose the next restaurant so together with my associate we joined her for brunch at this new restaurant Fork & Bottle. It is near Allmend Brunau where the ill-fated Casa Bonita used to be (in terms of music on the website Casa Bonita still leaves a lasting impression). We’re pleasantly surprised by the attractive and seducingly dressed lady, after all what better way to start a Sunday than being treated to brunch ? The menu features american classics of all kinds from pancakes to breakfast burritos down to eggs benedict. The “farm-raised” eggs were served on crab cakes, with home-made sauce hollandaise and advertised to be accompanied by hash browns. I’m all for honesty in menus and the dish was served with tasty roasted potatoes but not a hash brown roeschti like cake I was expecting. The crab cakes could have been a touch firmer and more delicate, but just getting crab cakes in Zurich is a treat. If they’d add Boston baked beans, that would be a great move. The second part of brunch turned out to be interesting as well, they have a large selection of artisanal beer advertised as being from Italy. Funny that roughly half of them on the menu are actually from Stabio in Ticino… Sampling through them I enjoyed the “Oat Soda” one modelled after the Big Lebowski. Don’t be fooled by that Disneylandish touch, a bitter strong and tasty beer emerges underneath. Fork & Bottle is certainly an upgrade from the joint it was before and I’m looking forward to warmer weather, where the beer garden will do great.


le Pain Quotidien, Römerhof, Zurich

Skandinavischer Brunch

One of the funniest commentaries I read on le Pain Quotidien, was a diner which missed the post office which used to be in the same spot at the Roemerhof… Ouch! I head over there and the first thing which did miff me a tad, was when I wasn’t given the WiFi password, since this was a place to make people calm down. Seems like a place my mother would enjoy… The clou at LPQ is really that they make fresh bread onsite which you can also buy just like if it was a small bakery. The corporate designers did a pretty decent job, the inside is full of lightly colored wood and gives it a comfortable-in-the-IKEA-kind-of-way feeling. I order the scandinavian brunch, which is assorted breads, salmon wrap, terrine, shrimp, meat, cheese and a poached egg. The serving is quite generous, just the bread basket alone carries a croissant, dark bread, Zopf and some baguette. After eating here I can safely say that it beats the culinary offering of the aforementioned post office. However in a place like this the star should be the bread and it wasn’t. The Zopf or especially with this name here the baguette should knock me off my feet. Crunchy, hard crust on the outside and an incredible fluffy and distinct tasting interior is what I’d be excpecting, possibly still slightly warm from the oven it was baked in. But it’s like a german industrial bakery with an attached Selbstbedienung shop, yes it’s bread, it’s just not very good. Other gripes included the mealy shrimp, underwhelming non-runny Reblochon, the advertised wrap was actually two small slices and the egg was hard instead of runny on the inside. Keeping in mind all the food issues there was one last touch which struck me odd. Looking and listening around the dining room, the crowd is rather international (not much swiss german spoken), hence a place like this could also have been in Singapore, Dresden or Seattle, it just felt a tad soulless. Prices:


Limmathof, Limmatstrasse, Zurich

Spiegelei mit Speck


I headed for a quick brunch at the Limmathof. The first thing I noticed was that the waiter seemed a little quirky. I order off the a la carte menu and lean back with my newspaper. Standard breakfast, some eggs, bacon and the mandatory Ovomaltine (Ovaltine). Nothing to complain and nothing to get excited about, decent breakfast, decent prices. Only when the waiter drops off the bill together with a pamphlet that the place offers jobs for mentally challenged youths did I understand my initial feeling. But to be fair service was friendly, quick and attentive. Prices:


SBB Passagio Speisewagen, Zurich, Bad Ragaz


I really like dining in the train and I’m happy that the SBB still keeps the dining cars around. But the quality of the food is debatable. It’s not expensive but it lacks love, attention to detail and excitement looking at the gourmet breakfast in front of you. If you disregard the food, eating breakfast on a sunday while the countryside rushes past you is unbeatable, making it worth spending the 20 or so francs – not convinced that the “gourmet” is worth the extra few bucks:

McGees, Bahnhof Wiedikon, Zurich

Hash Brown and Eggs Benedict

Sunday looking for a not so healthy brunch – McGees next to the train station in Wiedikon fits the bill. Looking at the brunch menu I ordered Eggs Benedict with hash brown. Fresh Orange Juice was no longer available, but at least the waiter was nice enough to point that out. Still this was one of the worst breakfast I ever had. The eggs were cold, the sauce hollandaise some kind of just-add-water-to-prepare concoction, the bacon limp and the hash brown like a mediocre roeschti. The key to happiness at McGees is to stick to the Guiness. Prices:


Gartenhof, Birmensdorferstrasse, Zürich

Brunch at the Gartenhof

Sportsman Club is gone again just like the World Cup. At the Gartenhof the remains can still be seen, but that adds to the charm of the place. I was there for brunch on a Sunday. The breakfast consisted of bread, Zopf, croissant, Birchermüesli, orange juice, jam, honey, butter, egg, bacon, cherries, salmon, ham, roast beef and cheese. Now I wasn’t to thrilled with all of the components, the Birchermüesli and the fresh cherries really stood out. The croissant was a bit dry, the 3 minute egg could have been a bit firmer and the roast beef didn’t feel like roast beef. The staff were extremly friendly, very attentive and it was very pleasant dining and reading the newspaper here. I was even offered a glas of prosecco which make the breakfast at 25 CHF a good deal:


Piazza, Idaplatz, Zurich

Grosser Brunch


The Piazza at the Idaplatz has great outdoor seating and makes you feel like somewhere else than Zurich. The place is obviously packed on a Sunday morning, so showing up before 10:30 gives you a competitive advantage. The big brunch includes bread, jams, orange juice, a coffee, scrambled eggs with bacon, birchermuesli, cheese and a bit of mystery meat (probably turkey ham or comparable). The birchermuesli stood out while the scrambled eggs were average, but then again that doesn’t really matter in this location. Not bad was the pancake, to give it the real american touch, more maple syrup would have been necessary. A large brunch costs 24 CHF, the pancake 8 CHF.