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Hooters, Helvetiaplatz, Zurich


Philly Cheessteak

I’m so glad to know that a landmark of fine american dining has a franchisee in Zurich. Hooters fine dining establishment is located just near the Helvetiaplatz. Roughly a dozen screens show sports and the crowd is mostly male. Overall the patrons seem to sport a bit of a lower profile than say Cheyenne in Oerlikon. Some nachos make it our way. I’m not a big fan of salad on my nachos and I prefer guacamole on the side for easier dipping. Mains is a real classic, a Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. While it was very typical for a Cheesesteak, it also falls short like the ones in Philadelphia. There’s no discernable texture differences and the flavour gets mixed up with all of the components. Instead of getting crunchy bread, soft & sweet onions, gooey & salty cheese and nice meat, it’s one single flavor which hits your taste buds. So it’s fair to award a point for authenticity. The cole slaw gets an honorable mention, it’s pretty nice. The place has real american grub, for decent prices. Oh yes, and for the male patrons – the boobs do not warrant a visit:


Cafe Steiner, Rapperswil

Gemischter Salat


An option for a quick dinner presented itself at the Cafe Steiner. Since the place is a bakery and cafe which offers a small selection of menus, naturally the bread is fantastic. The selection of four different kind of small breads I was served to go with the salad were on par with what I’ve had in Michelin starred restaurants. The decoration on the ravioli, was cute and homemade, but the filling of said was on the sour side. It was listed as venison but I wasn’t too thrilled. Overall good place for a quick bite, but stay away from the more intrinsic pasta dishes. Prices:


Swiss Wurst, Zurich Airport, Kloten

Bratwurst mit Roeschti und Zwiebelsauce

Bratwurst mit Roeschti und Zwiebelsauce

Bad decisions happen every now and then. Being at the airport and having some time to kill, I opted for a quick dinner at the Foodland (a collection of different fast food joints). The most unusual one was something called Swiss Wurst (german for sausage). Against my inner voice I ordered a Bratwurst with Roesti and Zwiebelsauce. The pork sausage I preferred was out so I settled for the classic veal sausage. The roeschti was a couple of bad hash browns (precooked), a pretty bland sausage which was cooked on an electric grill, at least the onion sauce was okay. This is a real disgrace to classic swiss cuisine and frankly, any tourist is getting robbed who decides to eat here. I can’t believe I’d say this, but I’d recommend the McDonalds right next to it. Only when I saw who’s running the show, did I realize no wonder it’s so bad. What do the guys from Autogrill know about Roeschti ?


City Gardens, Odessa, Ukraine


Public Viewing is not a big thing in Odessa also the number of niche bars dedicated to the world cup is limited. Reading kyrillic letters and speaking Russian is not our forte so we had no idea what the microbrewery’s name was, where we went to see football in the City Gardens. Anyway beer was cheap, the location so-so for world cup watching and it had a strong german influence, serving bratwurst and the like….

Zentralstube WM Bar, Zentralstrasse, Zurich


As soon as the world cup comes around, all the amateur football fans start coming out of their dark hiding places. Hence some of the bars are full with greenhorns and women. If you’re looking for a bar for experts, check out the Zentralstube. The average patron is over 50 and the place is really dated, but it has two large plasma screens facing the street. This implies you can sit outside, have a great view of what’s happening and smoke if you’re among the remaining opressed second class citizens. If football is all you want, you’re absolutely right here. You will never have an issue with finding a seat.

Bombay Bar, Mämä’s Secret Hiding Place, Zurich

It’s the world cup and real life stops for two weeks, for intense bar hopping. The biggest football nerd in Switzerland runs a little place the Bombay Bar which has an indoor and an outdoor viewing area. A nice touch is the Bratwurst (4 CHF) which you can buy and grill yourself. The only thing to keep in mind is to arrive early if you want a good seat. The funniest thing here certainly are the toilets, the international sign for the ladies is Alain Sutter with long hair and for the men it’s Alain Sutter with short hair.