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Cinema Abaton, Heinrichstrasse, Zurich

Popcorn, large

Never ever did I think I’d be writing about Cinema popcorn, but the Abaton gave me reason to rant. Popcorn isn’t that difficult to make, even I was able to master the skill at about 8 years of age. The fun part was peeking below the lid to see if you could actually watch a corn pop. The dismay was with my mother which would find popped corn in half the kitchen days later… Anyway I watched a move at the Abaton (Hugo). I mainly went there because it was directed by Scorsese and was disappointed by the film. To make matters worse the popcorn was disgusting, not only was it cold and already a tad soggy, it was lacking salt and there was no butter on it. I mean really, you’ve got a machine which makes popcorn and even you can’t get that right ? While I’m at it, another thing which is starting to irritate the heck out of me is that the fact, after importing horrible german supermarket chains (Aldi, Lidl), more and more Cinemas in Zurich are starting to show their movies in a dubbed over version instead of the original language with subtitles. To image the weirdness think of Bruce Willis saying loud and clear “Yippee-ky-yay, Schweinebacke” (pig cheek) with a voice which isn’t his. But I guess this solves the mistery, the KITAG must be getting their popcorn from a hard discout supermarket chain, thus raising their profit margin at the expense of my cinematic viewing experience.

SBB Zurich Bern, en Route, 1st Class Car


So I’m sitting in the train, I am hungry and I buy a ham sandwich off the cart. It’s shocking how much effort the producer of these sandwiches puts into making them taste bad. Some gummy bread in a special atmosphere so it doesn’t spoil presents itself to the diner. When you pop the plastic cover you hear a “soooshhhh” of the air pressure which is normalising. Incidentally the same technique of atmospheric overpressure is used in bunkers (maybe that’s where the gastronomic inspiration came from, also read up on something which used to be called Pflichtkonsum in the Swiss Army). There’s neither taste in the sandwich nor is there any love which is bestowed on the hungry diner, it screams airplane food all over. Why can’t they cut a piece of a decent loaf of bread and put some proper ham or cheese between two slices ? Really how difficult can it be to make decent sandwiches ? But apparently Passagio Railbar is concentrating all it’s ressources on the coffee (which isn’t that bad). My solution is to head to the train station 5 minutes earlier and grab a decent sandwich at one of the bakeries (Sprüngli, Kleiner, Stocker). Most of them are better and cheaper than the CHF 6.90:


Brasserie Federal, Hauptbahnhof, Zurich

Federal Salatteller

So I’ve complained about restaurants from the Candrian Catering AG in the past, but I’m always open to positive surprises and won’t cease to give them a new try every now and then. The Brasserie Federal is smack in the middle of the Zurich Hauptbahnhof and offers a huge selection of beers from all over the place. I was in need of a small snack and decided to try the Federal Salatteller. For CHF 16.80 I was expecting more. Obviously everything was precut, doused in industrial salad sauce and by judging from the radishes it’s been lying around for some time. The worst thing however were the eggs – look at the photo – industrial, neverending long eggs (Stangeneier). They look waxy and taste like a candle. Serving food like this shows lack of passion and no love for food.

Swiss Flight Dublin – Zurich, English Airspace

Awesome Package

Mindboggling Contents

I thought Swiss International Airlines had alread reached the Abyss, but apparently there’s an even deeper trench down there. On the flight back from Dublin to Zurich, my fellow travellers and myself were handed a cardboard box. Opening up, a rather pecuilar rolled up pizza looks at us. I took a bite and had to laugh, tasting the so called pizza made it clear that someone was playing a joke on us. It was simply ridiculous. The company making these is actually from Italy and specialises in innovative food solutions. They should be ashamed of themselves, and Swiss Int’l Airlines should be ashamed for serving their customers such a horrid dish with a penile appearance. Especially since on the flight from Zurich to Dublin some nice yoghurts and a muffin was handed out. Airline food and beverage directors……

Snack Stand, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Taco Fries

In a moment of weakness, early in the morning, curiosity got the better of me. I ordered Taco Fries at a Kebab stand in Dublin. It tasted the way it looked – even the intoxicated state of mind couldn’t help past the fact that this was one of the most disgusting things I ever ordered.

Letzigrund, Badenerstrasse, Zurich

Letzigrund Pommes


Things not quite going according to plan is normal, but outright disaster or abysmal failure do not adequately describe the situation of the football venues in the City of Zurich. Instead of a decent stadium, an architectural impressive, yet functionally flawed multi-purpose thing was created. One can argue wether placing a picket fence around the facility, where one can pass objects through the gaps inside the stadium, is inline with the architectural mantra of form follows function or not. Incompetence on the verge on neglect is the fact that Implenia which built the stadium, screwed up on the Steel construction of the year 2007. The roof and the accompanying beams were rusting and in danger of caving in. Hence additional supporting beams were added obstructing the view of the spectators, until a permanent solution was found. By the law of Karma, at least the food must be stellar. Strolling through the booths there’s an offering which could be found at any stadium – French fries, bratwurst, pizza and burgers. I chose a portion of fries. Unfortunately just adding a bit of herbes provencal to oversalted and underfried potato sticks doesn’t salvage the experience. Every Gruempelturnier has a guy working a fryer churning out fries, unsure why one of the biggest players in the catering industry ZFV can’t make it happen. Next up was a Letziburger, funny enough, towards the end of the game these are sold for a mere 3 CHF (and they had dozens left). The bread was actually okay, but the burger paddy was not 100% beef, was lacking any char on the outside and with that none of the smokiness a real burger should have. No wonder, they are apparently cooked on an electric grill plate. The whole setup was too ridiculous I skipped on having a bratwurst. The thing to do is, eat & drink outside of the stadium.Horber the butcher or the Restaurant Schlachthof both have real grills and serve real tasty grub. This is a prime example where instead of going for what the people like best, some caterer was selected because of their concept. There needs to be a campaign for real food for real football fans!

Restaurant Felsenegg, Adliswil, Zurich


Restaurant Felsenegg has its own cable car. It seems that this is a decent place for Fondue with a group or team. We had an Apfelstrudel with vanillasauce, both tasty and homemade. An ideal thing to end a walk from Uetliberg to Felsenegg and snuggle up to the warm oven in the middle of the dining room. Finances: