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Posts tagged ‘Airline food’

Swiss Flight Dublin – Zurich, English Airspace

Awesome Package

Mindboggling Contents

I thought Swiss International Airlines had alread reached the Abyss, but apparently there’s an even deeper trench down there. On the flight back from Dublin to Zurich, my fellow travellers and myself were handed a cardboard box. Opening up, a rather pecuilar rolled up pizza looks at us. I took a bite and had to laugh, tasting the so called pizza made it clear that someone was playing a joke on us. It was simply ridiculous. The company making these is actually from Italy and specialises in innovative food solutions. They should be ashamed of themselves, and Swiss Int’l Airlines should be ashamed for serving their customers such a horrid dish with a penile appearance. Especially since on the flight from Zurich to Dublin some nice yoghurts and a muffin was handed out. Airline food and beverage directors……

LDN – ZRH, British Airways

Ham Salad Bloomer

When do you know that the thrill of air travelling has slowly evaporated ? When the fine meal consists of a Ham salad bloomer and you can buy the same thing off the trolley of a british railway company. Unfortunately mine escaped from the package while I wasn’t paying attention, but the gin and tonic helped to overcome the sudden loss.

Hello Charter Flight, Romanian Airspace

Airline Food made in Moldova

My favorite subject – airplane food. The Hello charter flight from Chisinau to Zurich served a meal, which was catered in Moldova. The cheese was horrible, it did remind me of Emmentaler but the stale type. The dessert was a horrible contraption, sweet and artifical, even the salad bits were bland. Surprisingly lathering the limpy bread with butter made it edible. The best thing on the flight to Zurich ? The free beer !