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Swiss Flight Dublin – Zurich, English Airspace

Awesome Package

Mindboggling Contents

I thought Swiss International Airlines had alread reached the Abyss, but apparently there’s an even deeper trench down there. On the flight back from Dublin to Zurich, my fellow travellers and myself were handed a cardboard box. Opening up, a rather pecuilar rolled up pizza looks at us. I took a bite and had to laugh, tasting the so called pizza made it clear that someone was playing a joke on us. It was simply ridiculous. The company making these is actually from Italy and specialises in innovative food solutions. They should be ashamed of themselves, and Swiss Int’l Airlines should be ashamed for serving their customers such a horrid dish with a penile appearance. Especially since on the flight from Zurich to Dublin some nice yoghurts and a muffin was handed out. Airline food and beverage directors……

Thornton’s Restaurant, St. Stephens Greens, Dublin, Ireland

Red Mullet

White Asparagus with Trufflehollandaise and Green Asparagus Flan

Different quail preparations and smoked quail egg

Wicklow Sikka deer with morels

Irish cheese platter

Thornton’s restaurantis one of the classier places for fine dining in Dublin. They offer a lunch menu and since we couldn’t decide on which one to go for we decided to add another course from menu one to menu two. The dishes, wait staff and wine list matched what you would expect from a Michelin starred restaurant. The amuse bouche turned out to be the nicest dish in the whole lunch. It was a beautiful piece of red mullet. There was nothing to complain, a good showing of skill and understanding of ingredients. The most surprising dish, was the smoked quail egg which was served with the smoke under a glass. It tasted of the wooden thick smoke and when you bit into it the yolk deliciously flowed through our mouth. All dishes were nicely laid out, good in size for a multi-course meal and inviting to tuck into. I can recommend this restaurant for people looking for a fine dining experience with white tablecoths and a sommelier in Dublin. Prices:


Brannigans, Cathedral Street, Dublin, Ireland

Guiness and Beef Pie with Chips and Cole Slaw

Of course every tourist in Dublin wants to get a feel of a good Pub. A lot of them are somewhat worn and do not look like the fancier imitations often available in non Irish cities across the world. A lot of them serve food, often however it’s something you eat after having had a couple of pints. Brannigans was located on a cul-de-sac off the main pedestrian area and was nicely furnished, while still being patronised by Dubliners wanting to catch a football game on television. Quite frankly I had one of the best meals in Dublin here at this place, the Guiness and Beef Pie was homemade, tasty, wholehearted and how it should be cooked. The fries were handcut and the cole slaw of a decent origin. My kind of place.

Snack Stand, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Taco Fries

In a moment of weakness, early in the morning, curiosity got the better of me. I ordered Taco Fries at a Kebab stand in Dublin. It tasted the way it looked – even the intoxicated state of mind couldn’t help past the fact that this was one of the most disgusting things I ever ordered.

The Church, Mary St, Dublin, Ireland

Belly of Pork and Dublin Bay Prawn

Rack of Wicklow Lamb

The Church seemed like an interesting place, since it actually is a bar and a restaurant in an old church which still has a big organ at the back. We were shown to a table which was too small for 10 diners but at least they extended at our request. First dish was pork belly and prawn and it was just that, neither clever execution nor subtly developed flavours. Next howler was that we ordered a couple of bottle of wines. They did let us taste the first one, but just opened the second without having anyone taste it and continued in filling glasses to the brim. Main dish was an overcooked lamb on some careless mash. Quite frankly foodwise this place is a disaster. It feels like an irish guy read a book on fine dining, sold his fish and chips van and had the clever idea of opening a restaurant in a church. It’s all show, not up to any standards, grab a drink here and move on. Prices: