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Brasserie Bits and Bites, Wallisellenstrasse, Zurich

Gemischter Salat

Club Sandwich

Sometimes restaurant names are misleading. The Brasserie Bits and Bites sounds like Bits and Bytes and reminds one of Software and Computers. Not necessarily the connection that comes natural with food. The place lacks love and heart, it was designed by an efficiency driven manager, could be that the accompanying chain hotel had a certain effect… Appetizer was a mixed salad. On a an appetizer salad which should be something small to quench part of the appetite, serving some potato salad is too much, it makes the salad too heavy. The club sandwich didn’t rock my boat either. The bread was some foccacio type which wasn’t as good as plain grilled toast would have been. The worst bit was the sides of french fries, oily and lumpy. Looking at the website their motto is “let us entertain you” and that perfectly mirrors the tacky interior. The place revalidates every clichée about hotel restaurants. And, I’m sure that the guy running this place is a german from the eastern part, whose palate was schooled with canned foods and Dr. Oetker in the late 90ies. Prices:


Hotel Rosenlaui, Meiringen, Bern

Brienzer Rieslingsuppe

Sommersalat mit Geissenkäse

Kalbssteak mit Gemüse und Kartoffeln

In the middle of nowhere, the hotel Rosenlaui has found its niche. Near Meiringen and the Reichenbach waterfall (where Sherlock Holmes almost died) the hotel is part of the smallest town in Switzerland. There is nothing except the lovely hotel, which has been tastefully upgraded but is lacking classic luxury. Most rooms do not have ensuite bathrooms, but there is a game room, a reading room and a separate library. Dinner started of with a nice Riesling soup and was followed by a very fresh and tasty summer salad with some goat cheese. The bread which was served, however could have been tastier. Main course was a veal steak with vegetables and some potatoes. Now vegetables which is plural, was not quite met, since it was just zucchini and for some weird reason – cherries. The steak could have been a bit more tender and the potatoes could have been crunchier. Still – the red wine prices were very fair and the atmosphere one of a kind! Only downside was the sheer number of teutonic invaders, we were glad that sauerkraut was not on the menu. If you want to stay at this hotel you need to reserve very, very early. Still 250 CHF including a room for two is a great deal.


Speisesaal Clubhotel, Davos

I’m getting older and I forgot to take pictures. We were spending the weekend at Davos for some nordic skiing. My first days in the army were almost as pleasant and my body is aching like hell. Anyway we were put up at the Club Hotel Davos . Dinner was served at the dining room, since it is included in the room price. I was expecting something questionable this and had five Minipics in advance. First course served was – and I kid you not – Shrimp cocktail Calypso. It’s winter and we’re in the mountains, how can a chef get the half-assed idea of serving a shrimp cocktail, let alone call it Calypso. Even Harry Belafonte would have made a better cocktail. Following this disaster was an onion soup. It was okay. Main course was broccoli, roeschti and Zürcher Gschnetzeltes. If I were running the place, the cook would have been fired on the spot. Broccoli was severly overcooked and mushy, the Zürcher Geschnetzeltes was missing mushrooms, wine and the sauce itself was sour and of a metallic taste. The roeschti was an industrial product which was delivered frozen and already portioned, a complete joke. The food at the dining room here is so bad, that it almost turns into something funny. The whole meal just shouted chef from a water park in Castrop Rauxel is now cooking during the winter season at the Club hotel.