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Tinto, Langstrasse, Zurich

Kalbszunge Ravigote

Fenchel Veloute

Pulpo mit Kartoffelstock und Chorizo

Entrecote mit Kürbis

Crema catalan

I am on a roll – one new first after another and where are you reading this ? Yes, right here on the blog which answers only to one thing, the Truth. This time I went to dinner at Tinto, a new Tapas bar and restaurant at the corner of Lang- and Kanzleistrasse. Before this new founded dining establishment moved in, it was the strip club with the most attractive women – Ceasar’s – at least this is what I heard. I am actually the only patron in the dining room, since there’s a split between the bar (where they serve tapas) and the dining room (proper menu, no tapas). Most people seem to enjoy the slighlty less formal atmosphere at the bar. The menu is small and today there’s also a tasting menu, which I go for. I start with a calf tongue ravigote, which looks like a carpaccio and has a oily yet tasty sauce, which was nicely scooped up with the splendid bread. Only criticism is that in a tasting menu, the dish was just too heavy. Next up was a fennel veloute with calf sweetbreads and mussels. My issues with the dish, were that the mussels were unneeeded, the sweetbreads were too thick, the veloute was more of a puree and it was cold (intentionally). Interesting attempt, but needs some reworking. The pulpo with chorizo (parts of it in a molecular powdery way) came on top of some mashed potatoes which reminded a bit of Robuchon’s (albeit not quite as spectacular). Main course was a normal entrecote with some pumpkin on the side. The perfect ending was a very fluffy and airy Crema Catalan (probably a gas cartridge was used). Honestly I thought the tasting menu was more interesting than the components on the regular menu and I wasn’t sure why they’re only serving tapas at the bar and not at a table. On the other hand it seems like there’s a Ferran Adria fan in the kitchen who’s ready to do some experimenting. I’ll be interested to see how this develops. They feature interesting wines and being spanish also offer a decent selection of my favourite wine region (Ribero del Duero). What I thought was interesting is offering glasses by the wine which go up to almost 20 CHF, at that level I usually go for a bottle. Prices:


Krokodil, Hohlstrasse, Zurich

Sepia a la plancha (and someone grabbing a piece)

Bisteca de Ternera

Quick dinner with an old friend at the Krokodil. Since he’s a lawyer he likes to stay close to where most of his clientele comes from, Langstrasse. I had the sepia a la plancha which were too bland for my taste. That didn’t hinder my colleague from attacking my plate with his fork (see picture). To be fair the texture was good. Next course was a thin piece of veal with spinach and spanish potatoes. I love spanish potatoes but these here were again underseasoned and not crispy enough. The meat was okay, just like the spinach. While the meal wasn’t stellar, the prices are rather low for a spanish restaurant in Zurich:


Dini Mueter, Langstrasse, Zurich

Eggs Benedict

Dini Mueter on Langstrasse rocks. After a rough evening I landed here for some breakfast and looking at the menu I got excited. On Saturday and Sunday they carry a breakfast dish called “Dini Mueter”, which is swiss german for your mother and is used in a football chant to imply to non FCZ supporters that she’s working in the adult entertainment industry on Langstrasse… Nevertheless they call out Dini Mueter as an Eggs Benedict dish. Now purists will argue that with the spinach thrown in, it’s neither Eggs Benedict nor Eggs Florentine, but at the end of the day as long as it’s delicious I don’t care. Free range, organic, poached eggs, served over toast, sauce hollandaise, bacon and some spinach – what else do you need for a breakfast ? Ovomaltine…
One small downside – the croissants on Sundays are horrible. Not a light and fluffy affair but a lumpy, doughy, heavy concotion halfmoonshape.

Nice place – we’ll be back – prices:


Schweizer Weinstube, Hohlstrasse, Zurich

Gemischter Salat

Gemischter Salat

Aelplerröschti mit Spiegelei, Wurst und Speck

Unfortunately the real Beiz is dying out and being replaced with idiotic gastro concepts run by corporations. Or have you ever eaten something decent at a train station, mall or airport ? The Schweizer Weinstube is one of the last bastions of real swiss restaurant culture. The interior is rough and so are most of the patrons. We start off with a mixed salad, which is obviously homemade and interestingly enough also has a bit of noodle salad on the side. Quite a surprising addition and actually tasty addition for a beiz. The Roeschti I ordered with bacon, sausage and cheese was on the heavy side and a bit greasy. The waitress said that everything was homemade, but some aftertaste of the potatos reminded us of convenience roestis. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt since the price levels are extremly fair – three large beers, a salad and the roeschti was less than 40 CHF.