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Silberkugel, Franklinstrasse, Oerlikon, Zurich


Silberbeefy mit Chäääs

There’s no real reason to revisit the Silberkugel, since nothing has changed. But there is a real fear which is gnawing away my nerves. There could be a day, where Silberkugel ceases to exist. The staple of Swiss fast food, the pioneer of giving lonesome smokers a social network at the Raucherbar, the only place I know which was successful selling cold ham & cheese sandwiches. Walking in here I wish I had a fancy camera with me. The red tiles, the Rivella sign and the menu written by hand gives it a great feeling, which could be part of an exhibition at the Landesmuseum. It really seems that I’ve grown, I’ve moved from the Original to the Silberbeefy with Chääs and it’s a pretty decent burger. The meat won’t win any prices, but the combination with the orange mystery sauce and the cabbage works for me. And still, when leaving the source of so many countless hours of good memories, I still can’t shake the dash of sadness, that it might have been the last time. Who knows ?

Huehnerstall, Regensbergstrasse, Zurich

Wurstsalat mit Pommes Frites

There are limits to my reach my anonymous approach – I couldn’t get a table at the Clouds restaurant, since the place is already booked until December and rumour has it that the press was already invited to a pre-opening. A pre-opening is like a dress rehearsal and isn’t quite like the real thing. Since all my actions revolve around making sure that you my highly valued reader are given an accurate, factual and highly objective report, reflecting a real dining experience, I have decided to wait until the restaurant settles down, before reviewing. In the meantime I’m happy to present another gem I found in Oerlikon called the Huehnerstall. This literally means chicken coop, hence I was surprised that the menu consits mainly of Pizza and a couple of additional dishes. I was expecting wings, fried chicken, nuggets, satay, even yakitori and there wasn’t much to account for the name. I settled on a sausage salad with fries. I got a chopped up cervelat with salad, onions and industrial salad sauce with some french fries (which were okay). You got exactly what you could expect for CHF 14.50. Suddenly a guy in his late twenties walks in, wearing worksmen clothes, sat down at the bar, ordered a whiskey, got up and left again. So I guess this place is frequented less for its food but either for peoplewatching or a quick & cheap meal. Prices:


Brasserie Bits and Bites, Wallisellenstrasse, Zurich

Gemischter Salat

Club Sandwich

Sometimes restaurant names are misleading. The Brasserie Bits and Bites sounds like Bits and Bytes and reminds one of Software and Computers. Not necessarily the connection that comes natural with food. The place lacks love and heart, it was designed by an efficiency driven manager, could be that the accompanying chain hotel had a certain effect… Appetizer was a mixed salad. On a an appetizer salad which should be something small to quench part of the appetite, serving some potato salad is too much, it makes the salad too heavy. The club sandwich didn’t rock my boat either. The bread was some foccacio type which wasn’t as good as plain grilled toast would have been. The worst bit was the sides of french fries, oily and lumpy. Looking at the website their motto is “let us entertain you” and that perfectly mirrors the tacky interior. The place revalidates every clichée about hotel restaurants. And, I’m sure that the guy running this place is a german from the eastern part, whose palate was schooled with canned foods and Dr. Oetker in the late 90ies. Prices: