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Hanoi Garden, Nordbrücke, Zurich



Bun Cha

Hanoi Garden opened up near the Bahnhof Wipkingen where the former Liston restaurant used to be. The vietnamese place seems to be a family affair. A swiss guy is running the front of the restaurant and since he’s also taking care of a small boy running around the dining room, this seems a fair assumption. I liked the spring rolls, they’re lighter and better tasting than the chinese restaurant equvivalent. The fresh springrolls were fresh but I would have enjoyed more herbs inside and a different sauce. It was the same vinegar based dipping sauce as with the fried ones, I craved for a peanut based variant. The main course was pretty vietnamese, a soup based dish calle Bun Cha, where you throw in noodles, herbs and vegetables to your liking. It was using proper pork belly (heavy on the fat) and not the lighter bacon, hence it’s not going to be a big hit with women. It had a nice heat (a european hot) and the flavor of the broth was spot on. What I’d also like to call out is that the “Grosses” (pint) is only CHF 5.50, which is a pretty good deal. I’ll be back:


Saigon, Birmensdorferstrasse, Zurich

Selbstgemachte Tofu-Wanton

Poulet mit Ingwer und Reis

Saigon opened a new place on Birmensdorfer- strasse next to the Schmiede Wiedikon. It used to be a cafe and now serves vietnamese food. There seems to be a bit of a cluster of Vietnam themed restaurants in Wiedikon. I went for lunch and started with some Tofu Wantons with sweet chili sauce. They were homemade and nicely seasoned, but I would have preferred some other filling than tofu. Everynow and then I give it a shot, but my sympathy for vegan lifestyles is on the same level as my sympathy for dogs in restaurants. Main course was chicken with ginger and rice, nice taste and nice size dportion. I liked that a lot of the dishes are homemade. Comparing it to the other Vietnamese places in Zurich it has the nicest interior but lacks something to clearly differentiate it in terms of food. Prices:


Viet Thai, Kanonengasse, Zurich

Fishcakes und Satayspiesse

Hue Tie Nam Vang

After Nadal beat Söderling and screwed up Roger Feder’s record of being the longest reigning Nr. 1 in men’s tennis, we needed some cheering up. Driving down Kanonengasse, a place opened up called
Viet Thai. Interesting thing is that since Vietnam and Thailand do not share a common border, this equates to opening a restaurant named Finn(ish) Austria in Bangkok. The place was empty (unlike the popular Ah Hua, which is just down the street. We started off with a plate of fish cakes and some chicken satay. The fishcakes were boring and chewy but the satay was good. The chicken was too dry but the sauce was really special and homemade. It wasn’t what you get at other places it was heartier, tasted clearly of fresh herbs and had a stronger umami flavor than others. Main dish was a vietnamese soup dish called Hue Tie Nam Vang. A strong, savoury, very flavourful broth is the base of this soup, which is accompanied by slices of pork, minced beef, shrimp and rice noodles. A separate dish with basil, sprouts, lime, scallions and crunchy garlic in oil (no bad breath afterwards) are served. A very nice dish obviously prepared with great craftsmanship. Funny thing was that the Ice Tea (Oishi) according to the label consisted of 30% tea and 12% sugar… wondering what the remaining half was. The Viet Thai certainly hits the mark and is well worth a visit. If you’re put off by the people queueing at Ah Hua, just continue on and give the Viet Thai a shot, even in terms of prices, you’ll do ok:


Mai-Wok, Birmensdorferstrasse, Zurich

Summer roll

Bun Bo

Mai-Wok is a small takeaway / restaurant located next to the Restaurant Bahnhof Wiedikon. It’s a bit tricky to find, since it’s flanked by two large construction sites. I was the only person in there but was treated very nicely. Appetizer was a summer roll, nothing special, but it was freshly made. Main course was much more exciting. Bun Bo, essentially beef slices on some rice vermicelli, spiced up with sauce, crunchy onions, peanuts and herbs. For me this is one of the dishes which really show the depth of flavor of vietnamese cuisine. Depending on what you spoon on your fork (or grab with your chopsticks) you get a different flavor experience. Summer roll was CHF 5.50 and Bun Bo 17.50.

Petit Saigon, Birmensdorferstrasse, Zurich

Vietnamese summer roll

Vietnamese summer roll



Looking for another great tasting hangover cure ? Vietnamese cuisine has the answer. Petit Saigon, near the Bahnhof Wiedikon offers just that. Instead of getting something from the precooked food in the main display case, the best bet is ordering something a la carte and waiting a couple of minutes. If you’ve never tasted a vietnamese summer roll, this is one of the staple foods and an absolute must try. Wrapped in rice paper, rice noodles, vegetables, chicken, shrimp and assorted herbs make this a sensational bite. Unlike the fried variants, this is light, tasty and refreshing. Pho (Soup) is a light and vitalising dish. Hot clear broth poured on beef slices and noodles . You add sprouts, vietnamese basil and lime juice as you please. The broth, the spicyness and the fresh taste will make you feel good and it stills your hunger. For 27 CHF (roll plus Pho) a good deal.