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Yakitori Alley, Tokyo

Edamame, Bamboo, Yakitori

Edamame, Bamboo, Yakitori

I’ve really come to enjoy Yakitori, a typical japanese dish. One of the best know places is the Yakitori Alley in Tokyo, where different skewers of chicken bits and vegetables are grilled for you over binchotan, some Japanese white coal. About 50 smallish restaurants with a barstyle seating around the central grill are a special experience. It’s fun walking around, it’s hot, hectic, grimy, smelly and noisy, exactly the way I like it. But I thought that the food was overrated. All the places I sampled had okay Yakitori but a really limited selection. Asparugus Maki or Tomato Maki where nowhere to be found and some of the more interesting fish based bits wheren’t on any of the menus. Maybe with fluent Japanese you can make better progress. The best Yakitori place I’ve eaten so far remains Nanbantei in Singapore. Still, order some Bonjiri and tell your dining partner only after you’ve eaten what it was, is always good for a laugh.

Posted by therealpickygourmet on 15 June 2009

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